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Last Update on November 28, 2011 G.

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Recently, I had someone comment on one of my posts on Facebook, saying:

” I have a Google Plus account, and I really like the ease of use. However, either there are not many people, or I just don’t have enough friends. What do you got for it? “.

Google is incredibly smart (we’ve heard it before). What they lack in the user base is what they offer and how they create these services/platforms. They offer many things that are simply not represented on Facebook ..

Now, in this regard, Facebook is just as smart. One thing they understand is that their user base won’t leave, the point. No matter what improvements they add, or the functions that they alter, or the elements they remove, people will continue to use the service, as Facebook does. Yes, I do. It’s all over. Because of this, I don’t use Google + as much as I’d like; my friends are just still on Facebook ..

However, in the Google camp, all hopes were not lost. Google + is at a young place in development, launched on June 28, 2011. { The } { } { } { } { } { } { Button-} { Button } { Button + 1 } { is literally everywhere on the network } { { \field } { } { { { \field } } { { { see } { } { { { icon } { { \field } } { { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 & } { { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 & } { { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 & } { { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 & } { { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { } } { { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \ul } }I think that G + will be a complete “contender” on Facebook, although this is certainly not the target that they are going to. If we weren’t on Facebook and G + against each other, it would be Google creating a light operating system for people, and that could be confirmed by looking at their Chromobooks. Google +, Google Hangouts, Google Chat, Gmail; these are all “programs”, “installed”, that help you communicate with your organization, your family, your circles …

Since I got the book Chromembook, I have had an incredible shift in what I do online, as I share, and what tools I use. Google +, when it finally comes out full circle, it will be an incredible and always perfect developing part of the Google operating system …

With all the words, please visit the comment again:

“Either there are not many people who use it, or I just don’t have enough friends.”

This is an amazing question about G +-it’s very similar to Twitter ..

You will find friends or people on Twitter to watch much easier than on Facebook. You can easily get on Twitter, enter something into the search string, as “#developers,” and find people who will write information that pertains to your interests. That’s awesome! I would never know about a couple of Netflix changes (though Qwikster never happened), changes to Twitter and tidits of UI design info (hard as it could be) if not a graphic designer.

So, given that, the answer is yes to both questions.

  • There’s not enough people you know on Google because it’s hard to break old habits like Facebook. There is no noticeable difference between the two networks for many people. However, when you look closely, the differences are material.
  • You don’t have any friends in the service because she’s not based on friends. You can feel like Facebook. It could be something you’re used to, so you’re using it as if it were Facebook. It’s not Facebook …
  • While “Adding Bill Riley as a friend” could be considered strange, “Adding Bill Riley to the cycle Social Developers” is entirely in order ..

    Why? Because you’re looking for explicit information. There’s a reason you’re adding me, and it’s not, of course, because we’re “friends,” but because you can appreciate what I’m putting out, and that’s what you want to hear. Being a friend to someone means you know a lot about them. After them, some of the information they create is very different …

    My offer is if you are on Google:

  • Configure the intellectual structure of the circle that has room for each of your connections ..
  • Don’t be afraid to put people in your lap. Also, do not be afraid to remove them. It’s just a database connection, after everything …
  • Use the + 1 buttons, as they will be more visible in the future ..
  • Finally, “The Book” was the greatest investment in the future I have ever bought. Next year we will see a massive transition to the Internet, and in two years I know very well that I will be surprised to see the incredible growth that the Internet creates ..Now, if our financial system is back on track, and these damn lobbyists/congressmen will stop trying to eliminate the Network Neutral, I think we will live in a much more sustainable future. But this is an article for another time …

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