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Last updated on March 8, 2012

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Do you miss the same old lectures every week and fall asleep when you open your books? You have some resources to help you.

One of the best ways to do this is

I made a list with participation.

Some of these bloggers are “A-lister” with a huge audience, and some people just start walking out. Many are simply among themselves. I’m not.

I have formatted each record so that the name of a blogger sends you to your Twitter account, while the name of their blog … well, their blog. No wonder. I also linked a photo of a blogger with their blog …

If you discover that everyone on this list is fantastic (they are) and you want to follow them all, I have also made up.

I met Leo Widrich early in my career, and since then he was one of my greatest inspirations. When I met him, he and his partner Joel were in the early stages of their startup.

Leo is one of the few people I’ve been able to see for success.

Here are a couple of posts that rocks:

I don’t think there’s anyone else who taught me more about how to blog than Corbett Barr. Corbett’s main site.

However, since most of you probably do not read the Info Geek College to become a blogger, I would like to point to his personal website. This site is where Corbett writes about personal development and taking measures and responsibility for his life.It’s super-inspiring stuff, and Corbett knows exactly what he’s talking about. He can support himself solely by the income he earns from activities related to Vedek and has become fully.

I also have to mention that the Corbett is launching a third site called

A pair of my favorite posts:

Derek is the only person in my school, I know who has a serious blog, and we spend a lot of time together every week. Of course, we also spend a lot of time arguing about superiority in design-especially minimalism and complex, colorful designs (guess what camp I find). But I’m distracted …

Derek is the founder of the company.

Simplification is a great blog to read if you plan to work with these fields, or you just want to know. Derek also recently launched.

Check the following positions:.

Colin Wright’s website has one of them.

But enough on this page. It’s just one page, and there’s something else to say. Colin’s life.

A pair of my favorite posts:

A few months ago, I came across this blog called.

Matt Chowchinte has a lot to say about performance and life, and it’s all laid out in a life without ants. However, it is very realistic about this, which is a good break from all sensational written documents. I’m particularly fond of

A pair of my favorite posts:

I’m a baker for blogs with giant buckets, lists of amazing experiences. Joel Runyon.

Joel focused on having an amazing experience, instead of getting a lot of toys, is one of the reasons his blog so attracts. It is packed into full force of spirit and inspiration, so I would definitely recommend checking it if you are not cool with the whole mortgage, the cup and the beer finer for the post-university life …

Three of my favorite posts:

Blog Amber Ray was known to me in Colin Wright’s book.

Alert: A malfunction before this happens …

That’s right. Just think about the next time you’re nervous about the test.This is the upcoming summer program of Amber Ray for college students, and it adds up to be, perhaps, the best educational experience. This summer is foldout to be financially demanding for me, but I still want to take part in this program if I can. Yeah, I’d like Amber Ray to be a professor …

A pair of my favorite posts:

Health and fitness are ridicuing, and fitness blogs seem to me a tenner. Steve Kumb.

Nerd Fitness is an unusual fitness blog, because it doesn’t just cover the old “This is what to eat” and “Here’s how to do jumping” bases. There’s plenty more.

The blog also focuses on Steve’ s goal to essentially apply the principles of the game to his whole life. He’s wearing it.Some of my favorite posts are:

Leo Babauta may be the most popular blogger in the world (among the blogs with one author-I do not consider Pete Kashmore or Arianna Huffington). His blog,

But this is for good reason: “The Den-habit” is one of the most boxed blogs in life. Seriously, just look at it.

Several of my favorite posts are:

I found Bud’s blog just a few days ago, but I’m a fan.

The cool thing is, Bud Junior is in college, just like me. Always cool to find more college students with blogs that have more ambitious goals than just being online magazines. The boundless world certainly deserves more readers ..

It is shocking to take over the current educational system of success:

Evaluations do not guarantee success …

Passion for Positive Relationship = Success.

I’ll give you if you transform the world.I’m also gonna be working on a coaster, so I’ll look at it soon …

A pair of my favorite posts:

Some people get adventures by creating a bucket list and doing things like parachute jumping, jumping from the bungi, or by getting rid of the TV. Others are still deciding to sell all their belongings and travel around the world like digital nomads …

Andrew Badenoch is gone, and.

While I really admire Andrew for being ridiculous, I also love his blog. Evolution is an evolutionary psychology and a lifestyle, two things that I’m very interested in. The way to Andrew can take evolutionary psychology of ideas and apply them to interesting things like, “Why does your girlfriend want to deceit you” makes her blog both a dependent and an educational …

A pair of my favorite posts:

As college students, most of us probably have a large piece of debt that rests on our shoulders. Getting rid of this debt is a super-import; still, statistically, a good portion of the students will be sealed by it for decades after graduation (even with salaries of $50,000!).

It’s very untenable for me, and I made it my personal goal to pay off my debts.

That’s one of the reasons I turned Adam Baker’s top blog on this list. Adam has systematically paid almost $20,000 in debt with his wife, and they did it while traveling the world! His simplification tips to better control your finances are very important, and I hope you will give his blog read (and then start beating that debt) ..

Some of the best positions include:

One day I heard a quote that went like this:

” If you know three languages, you are a normal person. If you know two, you’re fat. If you know one, you.

Since I’m an American and I still know only one language, I don’t feel that it could lead to this potentially offensive quote. If you’re American and bilingual (like

That’s right. Benny Lewis says.One more thing. If you’re an American, go and read that the 2nd post is below.

A pair of my favorite posts:

I read it.

The art of courage is a cultured strength, such as integrity, competence, confidence and intelligence. It is also practical skills and knowledge.

This blog is only about the exact opposite of something.

Nevertheless, I still think there are some useful materials for the ladies. It is obvious that the blog is mainly about men, but some posts are gender neutral and site.

Several main posts:

No other blogger in this list has the rookie and what Tyler Terraven and his blog makes.

I’m just kidding, okay, so he has amazing states, but he’s not on the list. Tyler’s website is amazing, ‘ cause it’s all about.

His post about starting and ending the conversation is amazing. For his part, he literally approached random people in the street and asked them to talk about the risk-taking over the camera. It takes the eggs …

Oh, and he’s also very good at people on Twitter …

Here are some amazing posts:

Jessie’s a relatively new blogger, and she’s two years older than me. I opened her blog when someone who I was on Twitter wrote his article based on the creation of big pages “About” (where she also referred to Matt Chowchinte). It was a clam article, so I decided to start after her blog ..

Even though her blog is quite young, he has some.

I’m looking forward to more content …

A pair of my favorite posts:

Chris Gillebo certainly is one of the “A-list” bloggers in this list; in fact, the only blogger with a big footprint is Leo Babout. His blog,

Chris is the author of the message.

His letter is about as a small group. “

A pair of my favorite posts:

Joel is the second half.

A pair of my favorite posts:

Jeff Goines’s blog is mostly about how to write better. Some of its sections include liquidation.

“But what makes a blog about writing a case with students?”

You may not be writing a book, and you may not be an active blogger, but I know what you write. An effective record is effective.

Jeff is also a blog about other topics, such as travelling and living a better life. I love his work very much!Here are some of my favorite posts:

I’ve seen from my archives that Benny sometimes likes to focus on people who have been successful after the age of 30 (as Steve Carrell, who got his big break.

Most of us are not at this age yet, but the lesson is still applicable. To be honest, even I have no doubt that sometimes too old to succeed, especially when I see it.

Some of my favorite posts are:

Maria is an absolute expert in art.

In fact, this is a very effective technique for creating meaningful content, for two reasons. First, the media are united to form a larger idea. The quote from the famous author, the TEDTalks and the cool painting-all this is great, but they are staggering when combined and give a common meaning ..

Second, Brain Pickings is a success because of the following idea, which I think has said, but I am sure that someone is more important before.

Your words always make more sense when they come out of somebody’s mouth …

-Thomas Frank (@Tombly).

That’s the power of hanging. This brings the media to light that would not be known otherwise.

Brain Picking is focused, well … a lot. I’ll let the site speak for myself …

So, although it’s probably not a site to visit when you’re looking for posts on a particular theme, it’s

A pair of my favorite posts:

All right! More than 4,000 words later, and we will pass.

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