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Every time I go to pay for something in a shop at the mall, the camera will ask for my phone number or e-mail address. They always say it in a way that almost makes sense.

I always ask the same question:

And they always answer the same way: “Not!”

Of course not. They will be happy to take your money, but they know that it is easy to get business from clients than to find new customers ..

To this end, they have one supervisor-priority target with each customer who only usurp almighty sales:.

Most people don’t go to their local J’ s. Crew, with the intent of receiving a newsletter in his e-mail. They just want a new shirt …

Well, they really want people to think that they look sharp, and they want something that looks like it’s torn apart if they’ve ever turned into a Hulk. (Wait, I’m the only one who buys T-shirts with that in the can?).

In any case, it is safe to say that they are not on the market to be on the market …

But this does not prevent them from automatically doing the question: “Can I get your email address?”-and vy their information …

So, as you can see, you get all this marketing and just get your clothes, asking.

No, the question isn’t that you need him? If you ask this question when your professor asks you to pay attention, you will have a bad time …

It’s not really a specific question, really …

Most life, one simple question is a certain question.

Most of the world is hidden behind the simple question-you just need to have the hands to ask about it. |

In a situation there may be some questions you might ask; independently, from your point of view, there is always.

Here are two examples of how this treatment works for your benefits ..

When you ask this question, you can approach the truth …

Many things that come into life that are confusing-or, to be more precise, not coercide with the brain model in the world …

As Eliezer Yudkovski writes at “

In his example, the IRC board member said that a friend had reported forest pain, but medics examined him without taking him to the hospital and said don’t worth about it …

Even though Yudkowski had preliminary knowledge, which told him that people who report in in the best always go to the hospital, he simply accepted the story and tried to fit into it, assuming that this is a very minor case of chest …

Later, it turned out that a friend had made the whole story. Eliezer forced his mental model to accept a history that does not even corrupt to real …

In such a situation, one simple question he had to ask was: “ I notice that I’m confused. Is this history in line with what I know of the world? “.

After this, one of the two possible answers can be found at your logical conclusion:

  • His mental model has a disadvantage (it doesn’t correspect to the real world, so there’s a fact that he’s misinformed)
  • History is false …
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    “You have to pay $5,000 for this season’s tuition.”

    Like I said,

    In this situation you can ask one simple question: “What are my payment options?”

    Most people believe that learning is correct and for good reason-that is, mainly about what is being reported. That doesn’t say.

    Seeing that a large number, students and parents are beginning to collect up to collect all the money at once. Scholarships are granted, insufficiency and then loans are accepted.

    But you knew you could pay for your tuition.Now, with the ability to pay monthly, it does not automatically mean that the family will be able to pay for students without help-but this.

    There are many other things in which the issue works for you. Do you want to:

  • Do you want to lower your interest rate on your credit card? I’m fine.
  • Refreshing people in line on the Xerox machine? Just ask, they let you in.Exit the required class and replace it with fun.
  • This comes back to the example I started with. Just asking a question that comes to mind-“Do you want my e-mail address?” -I get to buy my clothes without thinking about making e-mails …

    Sometimes there are even angry benefits to ask.

    “Is there a better way to do this?”

    I keep trying to ask myself that question, and he’s paying for the stiletto. A few examples:

  • During my international, I was assigned.
  • I wasn’t a fan of how much space my desk took, so I decided to see if I could build this.
  • In an attempt to find mine.
  • Since the amazing important I can get by asking the right questions, I urposed to be more.

    It’s something that takes a delimiter practice. The simple fact is that the world is so full of distractions, communities, opportunities, and so on.

    Never, with practice, you can culate this valuable way of thinking. With this you can start to unlock more life …

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