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Resentment will attend all of wretched humanity,

shrieking evil-welcoming leering.

--- Hesiod                


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,

starving hysterical naked.

--- Allen Ginsberg          


Parascholarly efforts                     


The first three categories below include links to items written in the 1980s (with the sole exception of one composed in 1997 on the occasion of the passing of my mother).  At that time I studied poetry and poetry criticism for the purpose of understanding archaic Greek poetry better, and as a natural consequence tried my hand at a few lines myself.  I make no claims as to the quality of the results, but this is a personal website and they are part of who I am or at least was.



I.         Poems proper (in some sense).




            Or, as the haiku puts it,


            The Fall




            For Hesiod




            Ode to Lisa, in Memory of Michael Stewart


            Thirty-two anapests for quantum chromodynamics


            untitled (Gallery)


            Variations on Charles Olson, with Deference to Anaximander and Yājñavalkya


            For Rilke (Folk Life Festival)


            To Walt Whitman et al. (In Memoriam: Edgar J. Beall, 1907-1986)


            To Hemisappho


            Three triplets


            Seashore impressions


            To Verna Marsh, July 5, 1909 - November 24, 1997




II.        Silloi


            Postcard from Earth


            According to the New York Times science report


            According to another New York Times science report


            According to still another New


            Lake Woe, begone






III.      Occasional pieces in prose




            Derrida meets Coyote




IV.       Washington Post letters.


During the early years of the 21st century I wrote several dozen letters to the editor of the Washington Post, on a number of subjects.  It published only one, on September 11, 2002 (apparently deeming that example acceptable because the paper was publishing several letters on this day under the banner remembrance, whereas in discussing response to the alleged watershed event a year earlier in my relatively mild letter I happened to use that word for no particular reason).  Despite this record, I like to think that my submissions, and similar efforts by other people that the paper considered unsuitable, contributed to the editorial rooms internal strife on the issue of the Iraq war in particular that other local media have reported. In any case, the following is a sampling (also including an e-mail to another section of the paper at the end).



            On certain animal representations


            On Israel and the Palestinians


            On spiders and Muslims


            On the Iraq war I


            On the human sciences


            On athletic team names


            On the Prince Georges County, Maryland police


            On Librarians of Congress


            On cicadas and cicadas


            On the Iraq war II


            On Watergate, or, on the Iraq war III


            On irregularities by the FBI et al.


            On Turin vs. Torino Olympics