On the Iraq war I


Dear Editor:


So after a week the war is bogged down, and the government holds people defending their country against invasion to a standard that would have had the French Resistance prosecuted for war crimes after World War II; blames them for a humanitarian crisis in their second largest city, saying their refusal to surrender is what is preventing aid; and suggests their own anti-aircraft weapon may have been responsible for civilian deaths in the largest city, although (unembedded) international journalists have reported that the crater is too large for a surface-to-air missile to have made.


Meanwhile, on March 27 the Post as usual supports the government in its editorial, in this case taking its position on war crimes; implicitly suggests that a couple of mild letters are representative of the antiwar mail it has received; and reverts to form in putting coverage of antiwar protests in the Metro section when two Nobel Peace Prize winners are arrested.


By the way, if anyone out there is interested I have a nice bridge over the East River in lower New York for sale at a bargain price.