On Israel and the Palestinians


Dear Editor:


In the 1930s many people contributed to the Zionist movement in spite of questionable tactics on the part of some factions like the Stern gang, in the context of government indifference toward the plight of European Jews. But now the Stern gang has evolved into the Likud; the Zionist movement has gone over to the dark side; and the worthy cause is the defense of the people it is oppressing: the Palestinians. And this time the government and sympathizers like the Post (The Al-Arian Defense, Editorial, Feb. 24) are not just indifferent to the suffering, but hostile to those who seriously oppose it.


The government and the Post apparently feel that what constitutes proper opposition to Israeli policies on the part of those adversely affected by them cannot involve taking up arms. (For example, after resistance fighters managed to take out an Israeli military vehicle a week or two ago, Palestinians were supposed to be passive as the army bulldozed houses and killed some twenty people in retaliation for the attack.) If you contribute financially to factions that do you are subsidizing terrorism, and if you actually get involved with them you too are a terrorist, subject to imprisonment (no doubt without the necessity of bringing formal charges or allowing access to an attorney if you are not a citizen, and maybe even if you are).


Its a good thing I dont have money to spare for worthy causes these days. In fact, Id better hurry and get this letter in the mail before Attorney General Ashcroft, supported by the Post, gives another of his press conferences to announce that stating opinions such as mine constitutes giving aid to terrorism and is an actionable offense.








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