On spiders and Muslims


Dear Editor:


Given the current state of education and that we live in a democracy, it is in the nature of the case that the country will be run by the sort of people who assume that spiders are insects and that Muslims actually worship Mohammed.


One would not expect the intelligentsia to agree, but the Post is in tune. On a single day (March 9) the Arts section features a movie reviewer beginning an article on the upcoming film Spider by noting that its director fell in love with insects as a boy, and a music critic comparing the views of agnostics, Christians, and Mohammedans. (Not to be outdone, the Outlook section also panders to popular culture, in this case its view that Europe is of no consequence, in the latest editorial attacking France, Germany, and Russia for disagreeing with the U.S. on Iraq. But that is another story.)


Yes, save us from those biologists and religious historians (and arms control technicians) who insist on facts.






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