Postcard from Earth


Am having a good time,

identifying iconic images;

most invaluable -- those intercepted

signals we studied from this planet.

Can conclude with confidence Im in

Amereagans capitol,

the county seat of capital.

(You remember,

a fellow named Leadbelly bellowed

its a bourgeois town.)

But Sheriff Ronbo rides the range

only when bandits get too close to the county line; he

passes the time with his white house, not horse.

I heard the British whorehouses

were shut down by the first sheriff,

while snapping shots of his monument

(a phallic tower topped with red lights,

blinking). Another has a statue

of a sheriff who freed some slaves,

to move out of town and help urban renewal.

Sometimes people with different interpretations

of the early sheriffs come from miles around

for their own rituals at the monuments,

called protests.

Just saw one at the county library

(dont know what that means, but what a structure!

big enough for three whole sheriffs! and theyre renovating it

just for us tourists!), but this time they said

the library will not be used for political purposes.

This was from Doctor Dan, the sheriffs man

there (you remember, he once pointed out

to the committee of McCarthy,

idealism is misguided), as

they handcuffed the dirty


detractors from our way of life,

and took them away.

(Put a comma in:

the library will not be used,

for political purposes;

it has a catchy sound.)

The local paper printed the story

in the Style section, writing in a strange way,

called prose, not like us.

The idea is, if

you string together long lengths of lines, like

the President is correct that it is necessary to contain the communist

threat so that we wont have to fight a war with our boys in San

Diego but we should work for a negotiated solution ,

this is pure reason without emotion.

But the paper feels Ronbo

is crude; it says

he or she and oppose prejudice in its own

statements against terroristarab-Sandanista-KGBists.

The biggest poker game in these parts

goes on just outside town. The saloon keeper

is building an excellent establishment called university,

and says the stakes are high.

And a real shootout is brewing

between Ronbo and the town administration,

and he cant get rid of some Indians

camped across the street from his house --

some stories for another time; have to stop

now. Wish you were here


(from sometime in the early 1980s)


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