According to another New York Times science report


the eternal Dao is not just more

than dao of speech;

the beginning of heaven and earth

was not just nameless wu;

the naming is not just mother

of the ten thousand things:


the yang and the yin

are matter and anti-matter,

name and anti-name,

but the ten thousand physicists

live in a lonely galaxy,

almost all yang.


The physicists speak, wanting

some yin to meet their yang, coming

together like ten thousand suns, making

photinos, zinos, squarks and winos, missing

mass of the universe; they say


SDI is bad but Russias

hundred thousand anti-physicists

might merge yin/yang first.


But the physicists (eternally dour)

are not just ten thousand more

doers of speech:

they teach a student.

The students name is Reagan

(see how Ron can learn):


Reagan has his leaves read.

Reagan rubs the Buddhas belly.

Reagan spends the big bucks.


thus the yang and the yin approach

each other.


See how the physicists father

nameless goo:

the end of heaven and earth

will be unspeakable.





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