According to still another New


York Times science report,

womans not just a pox


made from mans bone: Xerox

copies of just X genes


were made in all the scenes

required; shed like to fly


but, grounded without Y,

is left down with the snakes


all coiled; and for high stakes,

the biologists played


with spirals, at first staid;

then progress turned their thoughts


to structures tied in knots,

and mathematicians


gave some eruditions:

it was their sentiment,


the knot space complement

has numbers of Betti,


and physicists (ready)

told how one does science;


to be in compliance,

you have to use some math;


dont open up the path

leading those with more hearts


than smarts high on the charts

(just fluttering the eyes


could win the Nobel Prize!);

and you will not convince


students with any sense

that effects of your work


are something you can shirk,

if youre not exalted.


So biologists salted

all their knotted mole-


cules with talk of poly-

nomials. The snakes saw


that it was good. (You draw

your own conclusion.)





[Originally this was typed onto a sheet of paper; the couplets were cut out in strips; the strips were taped together end to end; and the result was twisted into a knot before the two ends were finally taped together to form a closed loop. Feel free to print it out and do this yourself.]


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